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Impotence/Erectile Dysfunction (cont.)

Erectile Dysfunction Prognosis

In summary, the outlook for erectile function is based on many factors and the prognosis, at least with the oral therapies can range from no impact to 100% restoration of satisfying erections.

In general, depending on the cause of the erectile dysfunction, the overall success of oral PDE5i is 40%-80%.

With regard to the local treatments which bypass the nervous system, the results depend on the endovascular penile health of the patient. Intraurethral suppository MUSE therapy will be successful in 30%-50% of patients with a greater success (90%) seen in the intracavernosal injection patients.

Finally, the success of the penile implant is excellent for ability for achieving an erection strong enough for intercourse. However, the psychological quality of the erection and sensation may not be optimal. Ultimately, the complete discussion with the physician and sexologist is important to cover all bases of erectile dysfunction and its impact of male sexuality.

Illustrations: Methods of Diagnosing the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Picture of penis anatomy.
Picture of penis anatomy.

Picture of erection-measuring snap gauge.
Picture of erection-measuring snap gauge. A number of devices have been developed to determine if an erection occurs during sleep. This snap gauge is fastened around the penis but opens when an erection occurs.

Picture of penile tumescence monitor
Picture of penile tumescence monitor. This penile tumescence monitor is placed at the base and near the corona of the penis. It is connected to a monitor that records a continuous graph depicting the force and duration of erections that occur during sleep. The monitor is strapped to the leg. The nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) test is conducted on several nights to obtain an accurate indication of erections that normally occur during the alpha phase of sleep.

Picture of device used to measure penile nerve sensation
Picture of device used to measure penile nerve sensation. The presence of normal skin sensation adequate to produce an erection is measured with this device.

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