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Insulin Reaction (cont.)

Nocturnal (While Asleep) Insulin Reaction

Some people with diabetes experience nighttime (nocturnal) hypoglycemia. Signs and symptoms of nocturnal hypoglycemia include:

  • depression,

  • difficulty waking in the morning,

  • early morning headaches or irritability,

  • night sweats, and

  • increased appetite and weight gain.

In nocturnal hypoglycemia, the blood sugar level upon awaking may be elevated as a result of the body's attempt to compensate for the low blood sugar level several hours before. This is sometimes called the Somogyi phenomenon. Attempts to lower the morning blood sugar level by adjusting mediation or insulin dosing may result in a paradoxical worsening of the problem.

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Somogyi Phenomenon »

In the 1930s, Somogyi speculated that hypoglycemia induced by insulin could cause a counter-regulatory hormone response that produces hyperglycemia.

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