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Internal Bleeding (cont.)

Other Causes of Internal Bleeding

Bleeding in pregnancy is never normal, though not uncommon in the first trimester and is a sign of a threatened miscarriage. Early on in pregnancy, the concern is that of ectopic pregnancy (tubal pregnancy), where the fetus implants in the Fallopian tube. As the placenta grows, it erodes through the tube and may cause fatal bleeding. Bleeding after 20 weeks of pregnancy may be due to placenta previa or placental abruption and emergent medical care should be accessed. Placenta previa describes the situation where the placenta attaches to the uterus close to the cervical opening and may cause painless vaginal bleeding. Abruption occurs when the placenta partially separates from the uterus wall and causes significant pain with or without bleeding from the vagina.

Depending upon the amount of blood loss, bleeding may occur as an expected result or as a complication of surgery. After cutting into tissue, the surgeon attempts to make certain all bleeding has stopped before the skin is closed and the operation completed. Sometimes, internal sutures can move or tissue can stretch and bleeding may restart. Often, nothing more than observation is needed, however in some situations, the surgeon may need to explore the surgical site for the cause of bleeding and repair it.

Often, the cause of internal bleeding may be a combination of many factors. The potential for internal bleeding depends upon an individual's underlying medical condition(s), medications being taking, and the injury or illness present.

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