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Internal Bleeding (cont.)

Medical Treatment for Internal Bleeding

Initial treatment of internal bleeding will include stabilizing the patient, meaning that the ABCs of resuscitation take priority for the care provider.

  • A: Airway. Patients with altered or decreased mental status may not be awake enough to breathe on their own.
  • B: Breathing. Even if the airway is open, the lungs may not adequately be functioning and the patient may need help with their breathing so oxygen can be transferred from the lungs to the bloodstream.
  • C: Circulation. The body requires blood to circulate to all its cells to provide oxygen and nutrients and to remove waste products. Treatment is aimed to maintain blood pressure and circulation. Often intravenous fluids only are required. Sometimes blood transfusion is needed. A few patients will require immediate transfusions with universal donor blood (type "O negative" blood).

Specific treatment for internal bleeding depends upon the source of the bleeding. The common goal for treatment is to find the source of bleeding and stop it. At the same time, treatment will be directed to repair or stabilize any damage that the bleeding caused.

Once the acute situation has resolved, treatment will be aimed at correcting the underlying cause of the bleeding and to prevention of future episodes.

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