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Jock Itch (cont.)

When to Seek Medical Care

When to call the doctor

  • The appearance of an itchy red rash in your groin or genital area should prompt a visit to your doctor.

  • Once you have been diagnosed, go back to the doctor if the rash does any of these things:

    • Spreads or changes appearance

    • Becomes increasingly uncomfortable

    • Develops lumps or swelling of the affected areas

    • Does not improve after two weeks of treatment

    • Does not go away completely or comes back frequently despite proper prevention

When to go to the hospital

Go to a hospital's emergency department if you develop any of the following symptoms beyond the rash:

  • Fever

  • Weakness

  • Vomiting

  • Rapid spread of the rash

  • Swollen glands

  • Lumps in the groin

  • Drainage of pus

  • Open sores or ulcers

  • Boils

  • Rash that involves your penis or vaginal area

  • Difficulty urinating

  • Rash that spreads to your trunk
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