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Knee Dislocation (cont.)

Follow-up for Knee Dislocation

  • The knee should be immobilized with bracing or casting, and the patient will be given crutches.
  • Do not put weight on the affected leg. Elevate the leg as much as possible.
  • Follow up with the orthopedist.

Prevention of Knee Dislocation

  • Attempt to avoid major accidents.
  • Avoid risky activities such as skiing, motorcycle riding, or jumping from high places; if people decide to do these high-risk activities, they should obtain and follow instructions from experts about how to decrease their risks.

Prognosis of Knee Dislocation

In general, this is a very serious injury. Recover is possible, but often the injured knee does not regain its previous capacity to adsorb stresses. It is not uncommon for doctors to recommend some types of supportive wraps or devices to protect the knee and to reduce stresses on it, especially during activities like skiing or playing football. Some knee dislocations cause so much damage that some doctors will suggest that certain activities are avoided altogether.

  • Almost all knee dislocations require reconstruction surgery because major injury to the artery occurs in many knee dislocations and because of the severe ligament injury.
  • After appropriate treatment and surgery, however, results have been good. Knees return close to normal in most cases. Chronic pain is a common problem. The prognosis is best with an optimal rehabilitation exercise program.

Medically reviewed by Aimee V. HachigianGould, MD; American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery


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Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 2/18/2016

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