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Head Lice Infestation - Describe Your Experience

Please describe your experience with head lice infestation (pediculosis).

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Comment from: sweetc1534, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: June 30

I am losing patience with this. I have a feeling as if stuff is crawling on me. My face, ears, eyelashes and skin feel like they're crawling. I've tried lice shampoos, vinegar, Listerine, permethrin and stromectol. I'm tired of cleaning and washing.

Comment from: Overdoneit, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 19

My husband and I had gotten head lice (never had them as children ) from my husband's nephew who brought his daughter to visit, knowing full well (we found out later) she had head lice 2 different times that her mother did not treat successfully. Well, I overdid the treatments on us both because I was so distraught and panicky. I think we were probably well over them, looking back, but had the lasting itching from using many boxes of the "poison" which I would not do obsessively if it happened again. The stuff was so hard on our scalps, we had scalp scabs for a long time afterward. I'd say use a natural lice shampoo, and a very good fine lice comb,(not the cheap ones they give you in the boxes ) .

Comment from: hopeithelps, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 18

I once had head lice badly as a child. Using "standard" remedies, my hair was fried. I don't recall how long I was out from school. A second time I was concerned after finding a nit but I was lucky and caught it early. A friend told me about using one part of a home perm. I can't remember which part it was but I know it seemed to work. I've since been told that head lice prefer clean hair/scalps. I do not have a dirty head but I do not was my hair daily like I used to unless it is necessary. This seems to do the trick.

Comment from: junebugkiller, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 27

Skin So Soft!!!!! It kills them almost instantly!! I was ready to try everything under my kitchen and bathroom counter when my husband suggested that SSS kills mosquitoes and fleas, maybe lice? IT DOES!! Now, we completely spray each of our heads (whether we have them or not) every few days to make sure we take care of any eggs hatching. Now we are working on making sure that the mattresses are not infested. We're still working on that. At least the things aren't crawling on us anymore. :-)

Published: March 31

My grandson, before I knew he had lice, lost his hair on top and sides by 80%. I sure hope it grows back. I have washed my brains out and treated us twice.

Comment from: Infected!, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 10

I have been infested for several months now. Some things seem to work for a day or two, but then everything comes back. I have been doing laundry and cleaning every day - have changed linens & clothes daily - but I still get the pinprick marks and small sores on my body, face and neck as well as the crawling sensations at certain times of the day. The doctor has checked my hair for nits, etc. and doesn't believe I'm still infested, but every few days, I find a louse - usually so small they are only visible & identifiable with very strong magnification. I think they must be able to survive off the body/head for long periods. And I also think there may be a variety of louse that (a) is more resistant, (b) does not infect/affect everyone (some people may have stronger immune systems against this type of thing). No one else in my household seems to be affected. If it were not for the fact that I have actually found/seen the lice (they look just like their pictures) I would think I was nuts. I have tried most of the mail-away remedies, as well as the usual ones, spending a small fortune, but I can't even get as far as the "re-treat in 7-10 days" regimen because they are back almost immediately. The weird thing is that there are no nits - I comb every day for them, other people have looked for them, but the hair shafts are always completely clean and there is just no evidence except for my symptoms and finding the occasional dead or half-dead louse.

Comment from: PINKSTAR, 7-12 Female (Caregiver) Published: December 29

A few months ago, my child had lice. I tried the normal OTC treatment and the comb and it failed. I tried again seven days later, and it failed. A week ago, my daughter got lice again. I have to wash her bed linens in the hottest possible water. I wonder if there is an oral lice-killing treatment. My hair is down to my waist, and I am so afraid of getting lice!

Comment from: cat2337, 35-44 Female Published: October 19

My family had head lice last year around this same time last year (August). I got it all out of my family and I seemed to have gotten the worst of it. I had them under my finger nails, up my nose in my mouth before I even knew it. The doctors told me they couldn't get up my nose and in my mouth but I could feel them crawling all over my face and body at night. I cleaned everything but couldn't get it out of my couch and ended up throwing the couch away. I covered my bed with a plastic cover and vaccuumed everyday. I tried everything from over the counter to what the doctor gave me and nothing worked. I got pimples on my head, back and chest. I used olive oil in my hair overnight and it seemed to let the nits not stick to my hair so they were easier to remove.

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