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Lung Cancer (cont.)

Lung Cancer Prognosis

Overall (considering all types and stages of lung cancer), 16% of people with lung cancer survive for at least five years. Survival rates tend to be low when compared to the 65% five-year survival rate for colon cancer, 89% for breast cancer, and over 99% for prostate cancer.

  • People who have early stage (stage I) NSCLC and undergo lung surgery have a 60%-70% chance of surviving five years.
  • People with extensive nonoperable lung cancer have an average survival duration of nine months or less.
  • Those with limited SCLC who receive chemotherapy have a two-year survival rate of 20%-30% and a five-year survival rate of 10%-15%.
  • Less than 5% of people with extensive-stage SCLC (small cell cancers) are alive after two years, with a median survival range of eight to 13 months.
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