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Mallet Finger (cont.)

Mallet Finger Prevention

To prevent mallet finger injuries, use caution when participating in activities, including athletic events. To prevent injuries from happening again to the same finger, leave the splint on for the entire time the doctor has recommended.

Mallet Finger Prognosis

Results of treatment of mallet finger injuries vary.

  • Most people regain full function of the finger with no long-term effects.
  • Some people will develop a long-term deformity known as a swan neck, which involves the all of the finger joints. This may require additional surgical correction.
  • For minor mallet finger injuries, splinting and surgery have been shown to have the same results.

Mallet Finger Pictures

This person's index finger has been injured, producing a condition called mallet finger.
This person's index finger has been injured, producing a condition called mallet finger. Click to view larger image.

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Mallet Finger - Causes

What was the cause of your mallet finger?

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Loss of extensor tendon continuity at the distal interphalangeal joint (DIPJ) causes the joint to rest in an abnormally flexed position.

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