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Meningitis in Adults (cont.)

When Should People Seek Medical Care for Meningitis?

Because meningitis can be so serious, seeking immediate medical care is essential if one experiences the symptoms described above and think that meningitis could be the cause. Fever, headache, neck stiffness, and any change in a person's thinking (for example, unusually sleepy, acting "goofy," talking nonsense) together suggest meningitis.

In all cases, meningitis is a disease that should be diagnosed and treated immediately. This condition is an emergency that is usually best evaluated in an emergency department, rather than a doctor's office.

If transportation is not available, calling an ambulance is best. Call 911 immediately if you are having difficulty breathing. If friends or family members notice a person experiencing confusion or seizures, or the person is difficult to awaken, they should call 911 immediately.

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