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Meningitis in Children (cont.)

Meningitis in Children Treatment

Self-Care at Home

Meningitis, especially bacterial-caused, can be a rapidly progressing, life-threatening disease, so immediate medical care is important if meningitis is suspected in a child. If the child's condition is rapidly deteriorating, call 911 for transport. There is no home treatment for bacterial-caused meningitis.

  • Sometimes, children are sent home from the emergency room if the doctor is confident that the child has viral meningitis. Frequently, a child with viral meningitis can be treated successfully at home by taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) or other pain medications and by drinking plenty of fluids. If a child has viral meningitis, follow-up care is still important.
    • Have the child reevaluated within one to two days to be sure that he or she is improving.
    • Watch for any worsening signs or symptoms and if necessary, return immediately to a medical facility.

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Bacterial meningitis is a life-threatening illness that results from bacterial infection of the meninges.

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