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Men's Health (cont.)

Men's Sexual Health

For the majority of men, sexual health is never considered until problems develop. The first problems may begin with puberty; many males that are becoming sexually mature may not understand that they are going through bodily and hormonal changes that occur in almost every male, and may suffer anxiety, confusion, misinformation from peers, and if slower developing, social stresses.

Parents and caregivers should look for the signs of puberty in boys and, if possible, anticipate the changes and take the time to help them understand what is happening to their bodies. This information should include topics such as human sexuality, sexual development and issues arising from sexual development. If a parent or other caregiver, for whatever reason, feels they cannot do this, they should choose another competent individual to help them inform their developing male about sexual development (for example, doctor or health counselor).

Any number of readers may think the above is bad advice and such things should only be discussed by (married) adults, while many other readers may think the discussion of such subjects comprise only part of many subjects that should be addressed. Most doctors recommend individuals be informed about their biology.

Picture of the male reproductive organs

Picture of the male reproductive organs

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