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Men's Health (cont.)

Cautions for Men

Many men like to see themselves as independent problem solvers. Although this is usually a desirable trait, sometimes it can get men into trouble. To use the car analogy again, if you think your car has a leaking head gasket, are you really the best person diagnose and fix it? The same is true for many aspects of men's health. Men should not go to websites, friends, or "online pharmacies" to get medications to treat themselves. Because treatments for some of men's health problems have the potential to cause additional problems (see above), men are urged to discuss any problems and medications, including alternative or holistic treatments with a doctor before starting any type of treatment or medication. Moreover, some of the symptoms that the individual might be treating could be a sign of a significant medical condition.

Finally, this article serves mainly as an introduction to men's health. More in depth articles on the topics mentioned here are available in the references listed.

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 6/23/2015

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