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Mesothelioma (cont.)


When the diagnosis of mesothelioma is confirmed, the tumor stage is determined in order to plan the optimal treatment. Mesothelioma is broadly staged into two categories: localized (the tumor is restricted to the membrane surface where it originated) and advanced (spread to neighboring structures and distant organs and tissues).

Localized mesothelioma is also called stage I mesothelioma.

Advanced mesothelioma can be further classified into the following stages:

  • Stage II: The tumor has spread beyond the lining of the chest wall to lymph nodes in the chest.
  • Stage III: The tumor has spread into the chest wall, mediastinum (area of the chest between the lungs), heart, diaphragm (thin muscle below the lungs and heart that separates the chest from the abdomen and helps in breathing), or abdominal lining.
  • Stage IV: The tumor has spread to distant organs or tissues.
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Malignancies involving mesothelial cells that normally line the body cavities, including the pleura, peritoneum, pericardium, and testis, are known as malignant mesothelioma, which may be localized or diffuse.

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