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Migraine Headaches, Vision Effects (cont.)

Migraines and Vision Effects Causes

Nobody knows for sure how migraines are caused, although many contributing factors have been identified.

  • Family history

  • Stress

  • Too much or too little sleep

  • Medications - Vasodilators (drugs that make blood vessels widen), oral contraceptives (birth control pills)

  • Smoking

  • Foods and food additives - Alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, artificial sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin), monosodium glutamate (MSG), citrus fruits, meats with nitrites, salt

  • Foods containing tyramines - Aged cheese, yogurt, sour cream, chicken livers, sausages, bananas, avocados, canned figs, raisins, peanuts, soy sauce, pickled fish, freshly baked breads, pork, vinegars, beans

  • Exposure to bright or fluorescent lighting

  • Strong odors - Perfumes, colognes, petroleum-based products

  • Hormonal changes - Menstruation (common association), pregnancy, ovulation

  • Head trauma

  • Weather changes

  • Metabolic or infectious diseases

  • Physical exertion or fatigue

  • Motion sickness

  • Cold stimulus (eating ice cream)
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Migraine is a paroxysmal headache disorder affecting more than 13% of the general population in the United States.

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