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Molluscum Contagiosum - Treatment

What treatment has been effective for your molluscum contagiosum?

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Comment from: Mom, 3-6 Female (Caregiver) Published: April 20

A couple of years ago, my two young daughters had molluscum contagiosum for 18 months and it wasn't going away. They each had about 12 to 20 of them at a time. They did not reuse towels or pajamas and I washed laundry with a little bleach to disinfect. They wore pajamas that covered the dots so I didn't wash them every day, but did wash them weekly. They were only allowed showers, no baths. Still no luck. I finally started having success when I controlled when the dots pop, as the insides is what spreads it. I sterilized a thin needle or pin in rubbing alcohol. After their shower, I used cotton balls and alcohol on all the 'dots' and on the opposing skin (so if one was under the arm, I would also wipe the area on the rib cage where the dot would touch if the arm was down). Then starting with the red ones (the ones that may be popping soon), I used the needle to carefully take out the core of the dot, careful to try to not let any of it touch skin. I blotted them, then took a fresh cotton ball with alcohol, wiped the area and then blew on it like crazy to help with the sting. I only did 1 or 2 a night and then waited 3 to 4 days. Just be sure to get them when they start to turn red. Every night I wiped all the dots and opposing skin with alcohol and maybe the freshly popped ones in the morning too. Once they were dot free, they got to take bubble baths again!

Comment from: Ashley, 3-6 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 20

I know I can't be the only one who was at their wit's end with this rash/skin virus so I thought I would share what worked for our family. Our nightmare with molluscum contagiosum began with my 6 year old who was exposed to it at school. I didn't think anything of it at first because there were only a few bumps under her arm, but within a few weeks it spread like crazy and my youngest who's only 18 months started showing signs too! I was definitely not going to have the doctor freeze them off or use beetle juice because of all the horror stories I've seen about the pain so for about 2 months I tried (what felt like) everything under the sun! Tea tree oil was too painful, apple cider vinegar seemed like it was starting to work but then just made it worse and aggravated my youngest child's skin, Emuaid was just a waste of money; the list goes on. Anyhow, I looked through a few forums desperate for something and found DermAllay. It was natural, which made me slightly apprehensive about its effectiveness, but the product claims that it doesn't burn or blister, they had a specific product for infants, and when I emailed them they offered to refund my money if it didn't work since I had already tried so many products! I had it sent next day shipping and I honestly couldn't get over how well it's worked! I started seeing a difference the next day on my baby, and it took about a week on my 6 year old! It has been almost 4 weeks since I started using the DermAllay and my 6 year old went from 30 plus bumps to 5 (a few stubborn ones left but almost gone) and my little one has had zero for the last 2 weeks!

Comment from: sha, 3-6 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 05

My 6 year old son developed molluscum contagiosum in June last year, he had about 3 lesions on the top of his butt, and one on his back. I didn't do any treatment until September, the dermatologist applied a solution to my son every two weeks and within a month they had spread from his butt to the backs of his knees. The doctor told me this was normal for the virus to appear more during treatment (I was very skeptical about this) but carried on treatment anyway, constantly asking why it was getting worse rather than better. After 6 months I decided to take matters into my own hands and bought cortisol, which worked good at first but now his entire butt has come out in a rash. I really don't know whether to stop the treatment or not, I applied a thin layer of the cream all over the area.

Comment from: Mother, 3-6 Female (Caregiver) Published: September 09

After three years of being given only three options to cure my child of this awful ailment, burning, freezing and lancing, I finally found a cure that works in just four baths. Salt water in the bathtub, rub the pimples with a generous amount of salt and they dry up and are gone. She had hundreds of them on her elbows and knees. All gone with just four applications!

Comment from: teta289, 13-18 Female (Caregiver) Published: September 29

creams/blistering and scarring, we have found our cure!

Comment from: Jennifer mom/nurse, 7-12 Male (Caregiver) Published: June 17

My son started with molluscum after contact with his cousin (who had it and we didn't know until it was too late). At first it was mild and then what seemed like overnight, it started to spread and the spots became larger and more painful. I was desperate to find something to help. We were told to let them run their course, but that wasn't going to work for me. I researched and tried several home remedies to no avail.

Comment from: 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 12

Tee tree oil was my life saver and only thing that worked for me it disinfects so stops spreading therefore new ones will stop appearing it also shrinks existing ones even if you have them frozen then keep using it as they can spread like wildfire after that, getting the core out and disinfecting with tee tree oil and continued use of it 2-3 times a day and washing your hands should sort you out.


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