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Motor Skills Disorder (cont.)

Motor Skills Disorder Treatment

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It is important to emphasize that one size does not fit all when designing a therapeutic intervention for children with motor skills disorder. It is also important to understand that although many interventions are offered, very few have been rigorously tested and proven to be effective.

Generally, most children respond to multimodal treatment. This involves an occupational therapist and physical therapist working with the child, often with the assistance of educational professionals using "perceptual motor training" techniques to help the person to improve their motor clumsiness.

  • Practice and repetition are often helpful in improving handwriting; however, "bypass" methods are utilized as well. These may involve allowing for unlimited testing times, and using assistive writing devices.
  • Other therapies that have been recommended include cognitive and sensory integration therapy and kinesthetic training.
  • Many other therapies have been touted as effective, but have not been researched enough to be recommended.
  • Some therapies, such as "visual training" have been outright discounted through scientific evaluation.
  • It is important to discuss therapeutic options with your child's physician. There are many modalities which have been shown to be effective, yet have not been fully tested in a large enough study to be recommended without reservations.

Motor Skills Disorder Exams and Tests

An occupational therapy examination usually includes the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency (BOT). This is a standardized instrument that is used to measure both gross motor and fine motor skills in children. The test takes about an hour and involves a series of game-like challenges that assess a range of motor skills.

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