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Nail Psoriasis (cont.)

Medications for Nail Psoriasis

Your doctor may prescribe any of the following medications:

  • Creams or ointments to rub on and around the nail, including steroid, topical vitamin A (tazarotene) or vitamin D derivatives (calcipotriene or calcitriol), antimetabolite drugs (such as 5-fluorouracil, which is also used to treat certain cancers) or, occasionally, antifungal solutions may be needed if a fungus infection is present. However, delivery of medications to the nail area is difficult because of the barrier presented by the nail plate. Topical treatments (applied directly to the nail) may not be effective in all cases.
  • Steroids applied to the skin under your nail or injected under the nail; injection under the nail may be more effective than when steroids are applied in cream or ointment form.
  • PUVA (This therapy is a combination of the prescription medicine, psoralen, and exposure to UVA ultraviolet light.)
  • Systemic therapy if you have both skin and arthritis symptoms or if your skin and nail symptoms are severe (Systemic therapy is medication that spreads throughout your body. It is often in pill or injectable form, including methotrexate tablets, and injectable etanercept [Enbrel], adalimumab [Humira], as well as infusible infliximab [Remicade].)

See the article Understanding Psoriasis Medications for more information.

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