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NDM-1 (cont.)

Can Infections With Bacteria Containing NDM-1 Be Prevented?

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The chance of infections with bacteria containing NDM-1 can be reduced or even prevented by fairly simple hygienic methods that include hand washing, adequate treatment of water supplies, washing vegetables, and avoiding areas and people known to harbor NDM-1-producing bacteria. The usual infection protective techniques available in hospitals should be used; patients with NDM-1 bacteria should be treated like patients with MRSA, with a private room with gloves, and masks and gowns should be made available for caregivers and visitors.

There is no vaccine available for bacteria that produce NDM-1, and it is unlikely one will be developed because so many bacterial strains may have the potential to produce NDM-1 if given the appropriate genes.

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 7/28/2014

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