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Necrotizing Fasciitis (cont.)

Necrotizing Fasciitis Prevention

Preventive measures can be taken to decrease the chances of developing necrotizing fasciitis, though it may not be entirely preventable in all cases, as often the underlying cause is not identified.

Because many cases of necrotizing fasciitis begin after some type of skin trauma, proper wound care and management are important. Keep all wounds clean and watch closely for any signs of infection. Early detection and treatment of infection may be the best measure to prevent the subsequent development of necrotizing fasciitis. Promptly seek medical care if any signs or symptoms of infection appear.

Patients with underlying medical problems, such as diabetes, should watch closely for any signs of infection, and those individuals with a weakened immune system should take measures to avoid exposure to potential infections. Avoiding seafood and direct contact with warm seawater potentially contaminated with Vibrio species is recommended for those individuals with liver disease.

Maintaining good personal hygiene and frequent hand washing can prevent infection and help control the spread of infection. Following guidelines of proper sterile surgical technique and practicing strict barrier (gloves, gowns, masks, etc.) and isolation precautions in hospitals can also allow health care personnel prevent the development and spread of infection.

Though necrotizing fasciitis is not necessarily considered a contagious disease, it is possible for an individual to become infected with an organism that is responsible for causing necrotizing fasciitis in another individual (for example, a MRSA infection), generally through direct contact. Whether or not that individual then goes on to subsequently develop necrotizing fasciitis would depend on many different variables and circumstances and represents a scenario which is possible given the right set of circumstances.

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