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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (cont.)

Other Therapies for OCD

As many people with OCD also experience dissociation, and dissociation is sometimes treated using hypnosis, that intervention is being explored as a treatment for OCD sufferers. For individuals with OCD that also have trichotillomania, it may be that specifically targeting the sufferer's tendency toward perfectionism is a particularly helpful therapeutic technique.

Given that many more people with OCD are seeking behavior therapy than there are enough trained mental-health professionals to provide it, an alternative that has been developed to therapist-guided behavior therapy is computer-guided treatment. While it is thought to be somewhat less effective than care that is directly provided by a therapist, it can be helpful when clinician-guided therapy is not available.

A newer psychological intervention for OCD is mindfulness therapy. It involves teaching OCD sufferers about meditative breathing, getting more in touch with how their body responds to stress, as well as being more mindful of how to manage their OCD symptoms on a daily basis.

OCD Follow-up

Regular follow-up is necessary for your health-care professional to monitor your treatment program. Because the treatment program should be based on your overall medical and emotional conditions, as well as current symptoms, it should be modified over time. Visit your health-care professional regularly.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Prevention

As with most physical and mental-health conditions, symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder tend to be worsened by stress, too little or too much exercise, or by a lack of sleep. Avoid these triggers.

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