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Occupational Asthma (cont.)

Occupational Asthma Symptoms

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In most people with occupational asthma, the symptoms appear a short time after beginning work and subside after leaving work.

  • Many have no symptoms or milder symptoms on days they do not work. The symptoms return when they return to work.
  • In some, the symptoms worsen gradually over the work week, go away over the weekend, and return when the new work week starts.
  • In others, the symptoms are slow to develop and may not be noticed until after leaving work for the day. This pattern makes it difficult to recognize a workplace trigger.
  • In the later stages of the disease, after long-term regular exposure, symptoms may not go away after you leave the workplace.

These are the most common symptoms of occupational asthma. Most people do not have all these symptoms.

Allergy symptoms that occur at work but get better away from work also may be a sign of irritants in the air that could provoke asthma symptoms. The following symptoms could occur:

  • Eyes: itchy, burning, or watery
  • Nose: itchy or stuffy, sneezing
  • Skin: itchy, red, or irritated
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