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Onychomycosis (cont.)

Fungal Nail Infection Prevention

Although it may be impossible to prevent fungal nail infections in everyone, there are ways to reduce a person's chance to get infected. The following are some of the methods to avoid nail infections:

  • Remember that nail infections can be passed from person to person so washing hands (and feet) after contacting another person with nail infections is a good practice.
  • Do not go barefoot in public showers or locker rooms.
  • Use antifungal spray or powder in shoes, especially gym shoes.
  • Be sure that if a manicure or pedicure is done, instruments are sterilized before each person is exposed to them.
  • Keep feet dry and clean as possible.
  • Keep finger and toe nails trimmed; do not pick at or chew on fingernails or the skin around them.
  • Avoid caustic skin agents by wearing protective gloves.
  • Socks that wick away sweat help reduce moisture that can promote the survival and growth of nail pathogens.
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Onychomycosis (OM) refers to a fungal infection that affects the toenails or the fingernails.

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