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Ovarian Cysts - Treatments

What was the treatment for your ovarian cysts?

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Comment from: ovaryqueen, 35-44 Female Published: October 04

I have been suffering from ovarian cysts since a teenager with my first major surgery at age 21. I do NOT have polycystic ovaries. I have learned to do a lot of 'watching and waiting' as doctors (at one point or another) will push for surgery. You go to a surgeon for an opinion, he/she is going to want to do surgery just as if you go to an acupuncturist, they will want to do acupuncture, etc. I have ALL types of cysts and all types rupture on me. I had one cyst that three doctors swore was a malignancy (dual chambered with a blood supply 10+ cm). I chose to watch and wait. Within 6 months it was completely gone. I still have both of my ovaries but do have a lot of scar tissue and some endometriosis from all of the ruptured cysts. Birth control pills or Depo shots are decent at keeping the cysts away. I had an IUD for several years that seemed to make my cysts worse. I'm 41 now and VERY thankful I chose a more conservative approach to these cysts. I do not think I would still have both of my ovaries had I chosen additional surgical intervention for the cysts. Our ovaries are very important to our cardiovascular and bone health (in addition to other areas of benefit).

Comment from: Elizabeth, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: September 15

I was found to have an ovarian cyst on my right ovary many years ago. The doctor treated it for a month with birth control pills hoping it would shrink. It didn't, so I was to have a laparoscopy and remove it. When I came out of surgery, I was cut vertically from my belly button to my pelvis. The doctor said the ovary was far back and hard to reach, and that is why she had to cut me in that way. I had seen the pictures of the cyst, and it was ugly and rather large. But, 'til this day, I still wonder why I couldn't be cut horizontally where my scar wouldn't be seen. It really messed my stomach up and it depresses me. I use to have a flat stomach, now it's always bloated and I have no muscle tone. Of course, I am older now, but I don't think I would've looked this bad. I always look like I'm pregnant! Also, because I was still young, she left part of my ovary intact--the one with the cyst removed which is okay with me.

Comment from: deedles, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: July 15

The first time it happened I was 20 years old, it happened after having sex. I went to the ER, doctors could not figure out why I was in horrible pain. They gave me some painkillers and sent me home. I continued to suffer through it at home, with little help from doctors, believing I would eventually die from the unbearable pain and dehydration. I could keep nothing down, and felt so weak. Finally after a few days, I noticed bleeding, and the pain subsided. Later the OB/GYN confirmed it was a ruptured cyst. The second time I was 23, after having sex again. I recognized the pain this time and went straight to ER, firmly insisting to them it was an ovarian cyst. The doctors were a lot more helpful this time. They did a CT scan and found a huge cyst. They successfully surgically removed both along with my right ovary altogether, because the cyst had strangled and killed my ovary. A year later I had a very successful pregnancy with no problems. All you need is one ovary to get pregnant anyway, but I am concerned that I may have severe hormonal imbalances now.

Comment from: D1979, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: May 16

I had severe abdominal pain with stabbing pains in my stomach during my periods since the age of 16. Also with it diarrhea and vomiting that was so severe I couldn't keep fluids down. I also had frequent polyps in my uterus and kidney which had to be removed. My doctor said they could do nothing for me except send me to the ER to get hydrated. I got several diagnoses including endometriosis and chronic cystitis. They called the cysts brown cysts. I've had two removed and one tied around my. I was told I would've died if I waited another day. I tried many birth control pills until I found one that is right for me. I have been taking it regularly for 3 years and my symptoms have stopped completely.

Comment from: Nicole, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: April 05

Every menstrual period, I get ovarian cysts. My mom thinks I'm having sex and that's how I'm getting them and I know that's not true. The pain is unbearable and I miss school. My doctor prescribed birth control to help treat it. The cysts went away, as well as my period. I still had all symptoms of my period, I just didn't bleed. So she took me off my birth control. I am lying in bed right now as I type this with a cyst that has just ruptured.

Comment from: June6Bug24, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 01

I've had cervical cancer, on the inside of my uterus...not the outside of the cervix. I have a partial hysterectomy done and 5 years later was diagnosed with stage 4 pre cancer in my vagina. The doctor had me do a cycle of chemo cream and it was HORRIBLE and painful, but worked. I have had my pre-cancer show up three times in my vagina but not at that level and it has disappeared on its own. It's scary since the vaginal wall is so thin and the cancer, undetected, could spread to the bladder, colon, and pelvic cavity! I don't want a piece of my intestine for a vagina! I've lost uterine organisms...I don't want to lose feeling in my vagina! Now pain in my right side has led a new general practice doctor to do a pelvic ultrasound and they saw cysts on my ovaries so they continue the exam with a vaginal ultrasound. It was not painful, other than the turning of the wand to "get the pictures" the tech was after. She was very nice and did not say a word but I know an abnormal ultra sound at this point, when I have one. The family Dr. said two days later that I have multiple cysts on both ovaries and a very large on my right ovary but they look normal - per the radiologist's comments on the file. So, no other steps would be taken at this time. I'm a little confused. Why would they not want to do a little more to be sure there is no concern? I don't want trouble but don't want to hear in a year or more that someone is sorry, and I'm beyond help.

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The eMedicineHealth doctors ask about Ovarian Cysts:

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