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Pancoast Tumor (cont.)

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Pancoast tumor, Pancoast syndrome, Pancoast’s syndrome, Pancoast’s tumor, superior pulmonary sulcus tumor, superior sulcus tumor, sulcus tumor, apical lung tumor, apical pleuropulmonary groove neoplasm, mediastinal lymph nodes, Horner’s syndrome, Horner syndrome, shoulder pain, smoking, tobacco, asbestos exposure, second-hand smoke, secondary smoke exposure, atelectasis, preoperative radiation, lung resection, squamous cell carcinoma, SCC, cancer, cancerous tumor, malignant tumor, lung cancer, apical cancer, thoracic tumor, thoracic mass, chest wall tumor, apical chest wall tumor, bronchogenic carcinoma, large cell carcinomas, LCC, lung cancer, cancer of the lung

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In 1932, Pancoast defined a superior pulmonary sulcus tumor as a mass growing at the thoracic inlet that produces a constant and characteristic clinical presentation of pain in an eighth cervical or first and second thoracic trunk distribution.

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