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Paronychia (Nail Infection) (cont.)

Paronychia Prognosis

If treated early, the prognosis is very good.

Paronychia Pictures

A moderate paronychia. Swelling and redness around the edge of the nail is caused by a large pus collection under the skin. Click to view larger image.

Another view of the same paronychia. The majority of the swelling and redness can be seen on the right side of this picture. Click to view larger image.

A scalpel (knife) is inserted under the skin at the edge of nail to open the pus pocket and drain it to relieve the pressure and treat the infection. Click to view larger image.

A closer view of the scalpel used to open the infected area. Click to view larger image.

The doctor pushes on the swollen area to get the pus out after the incision was made with the scalpel. Click to view larger image.

Medically reviewed by Norman Levine, MD; American Board of Dermatology


Nail Diseases. In: Habif, T.P., ed. Clinical Dermatology. 5th ed. St. Louis, Mo: Mosby Elsevier, 2009.

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 11/12/2014

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Paronychia (Nail Infection) - Treatment

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A paronychia is a superficial infection of epithelium lateral to the nail plate.

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