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Peripheral Vascular Disease - Describe Your Experience

Please describe your experience with peripheral vascular disease.

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Published: October 06

I started to develop symptoms about 2 years ago. I thought the problem was my worn-out shoes and some weight gain. It got to the point that nothing I tried relieved the pain in both legs. I could no longer walk even a block w/o pain and it was affecting my job. The first vascular surgeon I saw said I was wasting his and my time because I was a smoker. That was a year ago. I am currently going through treatment which has included 10 inches of stenting in my left leg and an upcoming bypass in my right leg. I am only 49 years old and my surgeon says I have vascular disease of an 80 year old. If you smoke, please stop. If you have symptoms of PAD, most likely treatment will not be started until you QUIT SMOKING !!!!!!!! You have a choice here. How does dead tissue and amputation sound to you???

Comment from: ruerue05, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: September 10

I have had peripheral vascular disease for three years. I have had my arteries in my legs cleared about six times. I have seven stents in my legs, one stent in my left kidney, and one stent in my pelvic area. I take Plavix and warfarin each day. I am researching a new drug called cilostazol that I will discuss with my doctor.

Comment from: bonnie, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: March 01

I was diagnosed with a peripheral vascular problem. Both main arteries running down the inside of my legs are blocked, the right leg has a blockage of 9 inches and the left one is 10 inches. Before this I had a good sex life. But now getting and maintaining a full erection is very difficult.

Comment from: Betty, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: April 01

I have had ankle and leg pain for years with no concrete diagnosis. Recently, I have had a new severe pain, only at night while in bed. It's a pain in the back of my calf that goes up to the back of my thigh. It doesn't subside for at least an hour or two. Sometimes it subsides when I get up and stand for a few minutes. I am concerned that it might be peripheral vascular disease.

Comment from: 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: November 17

I am a 56 year old male who has recently been diagnosed with PVD. Symptoms started about 2 months prior when noticing brief burning shin pain in the right leg as I cut grass. After a brief break and sitting down about 10 minutes the pain would go away. This continued about a month each time I would do physical activity. I attributed this to being out of shape due to limited activity. One morning about 1 month later I noticed one toe on my right foot was a purplish/blue color. Once again I blamed it on something such as maybe striking my toe on something in the middle of the night. Next day again I noticed now several of my toes on the right foot were blue. I then contacted my personal doctor who referred me to be seen by a vascular Dr. Upon seeing this vascular Dr. he scheduled me for surgery the very next day in an effort to place a stent into the right calf where he had determined the blockage was. After undergoing this I was advised by the Dr. the blockage was too severe to clear or stent so I was once again scheduled for surgery the following week where bypass surgery was conducted to my right leg. It has been about 6 weeks now and so far I have maintained 100% circulation once again in this leg. I was however informed that my 40 plus years of smoking was one of the major factors leading to this disease as I am not overweight nor do I have high blood pressure or extremely high cholesterol. I was further told by my Dr that if I smoked another cigarette this bi-pass that was conducted would likely clog very quickly once again. My advice to all is to quit smoking immediately and if you have never smoked please don't start in hopes you will not have to go through what I just had done.

Comment from: Irene, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: July 09

I have had the disease for about 16 years. Have had many operations, about 12 including a Cadaver graft, it didn't work but I tried. I have had a stent put in my abdomen, have had gangrene in my big toe. Lost part of the big toe. This has all been in my left leg. I go to see my Vascular surgeon once a year or more if needed. I work 4 days a week sometime more. I work 5 hours days and contribute this to helping the leg by keeping the circulation going. It's been a long hard road but I still have both my legs and also contribute this to the wonderful surgeon I have. I am 75 years old. I do whatever I want and have no problem with it as far as everyday living goes. I work, I do yard work, which I love. I live alone and manage my household. I take a blood thinner and make sure I have my blood checked every month. You can live with it and I try to ask questions whenever needed to so I can learn about this disease and how to live with it.

Comment from: Jeanneree, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: October 06

I have had pain, numbness, extreme weakness, tingling in my right leg and foot for a couple of years. Great difficulty climbing stairs and sometimes not able to walk. I have had several PAD tests - about twice each year for the past 3 years - with negative results. I have been doctoring for one year for this discomfort which became progressively worse. I had xrays, epidurals, MRIs, etc. One week ago, I underwent a Lumbar Laminectomy to relieve pressure on my sciatic nerve only to awaken to the same degree of pain and weakness and above symptoms in my right leg which all continue 8 days later. This article on PAD describes my symptoms exactly. It's a great website and I thank you for the information. I plan to present it to three physicians and my surgeon.


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Patient Comments & Reviews

The eMedicineHealth doctors ask about Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD):

Peripheral Vascular Disease - Treatments

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