Cold or Flu: How Do You Know?

Cold vs. flu viruses, a microscopic view.
A woman suffering from the symptoms of the flu.
A woman sick in bed with a fever caused by the flu.
A fatigued woman suffering the symptoms of a cold or flu.
A man with a headache suffering from cold and flu symptoms.
A young woman suffers from a cough, a symptom of a cold and the flu.
A woman is in pain suffering from an earache, a symptom of a cold and the flu.
A woman suffering from a sore throat, a symptom of a cold and the flu.
A man sick in bed with a stuffy nose has a cold.
A nurse performing a flu swab test on a young woman.
A man reading the box of anti-viral flu medication.
Over-the-counter cold and flu medicine.
A little girl washing her hands to stop cold and flu virus.
A pharmacy sign advertises flu shots to prevent the flu virus.
A family wearing masks to protect against Swine flu.

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Reviewed by Charles Patrick Davis, MD, PhD on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Cold or The Flu? How to Tell the Difference

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