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Pilonidal Cyst (cont.)


Pilonidal Cyst Complications

The complications of a pilonidal cyst may include the following:

  • Abscess formation
  • Recurrence of the pilonidal cyst
  • Systemic infection (infection that spreads throughout the body)
  • Rarely, squamous cell carcinoma (the development of a form of skin cancer within the cyst)

Pilonidal Cyst Prevention

Good hygiene in the sacrococcygeal area is critical. Keep the area clean and dry, and either shave or use depilatory creams to keep the area free of hair. Electrolysis or laser hair removal in this area may be another option. Also, try to avoid prolonged sitting or excessive repetitive pressure to the area of the coccyx (tailbone). Weight loss in obese individuals may also help decrease the likelihood of recurrence.

Pilonidal Cysts Prognosis

Although some patients may experience recurrence of pilonidal disease, in general the long-term prognosis is excellent. In the rare case of squamous cell carcinoma development, prognosis will vary according to different factors and should be discussed with your physician. Mortality (death) from pilonidal disease is extremely rare.

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