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Psoriatic Arthritis (cont.)

Psoriatic Arthritis Pictures

Media file 1: Psoriatic arthritis. Severe deformity of the joints at the ends of the fingers.

Media type: Photo

Media file 2: Severe psoriatic arthritis involving the finger joints.

Media type: Photo

Media file 3: Swelling and deformity of the hand joints in a patient with psoriatic arthritis.

Media type: Photo

Media file 4: Psoriatic arthritis involving the hand joints.

Media type: Photo

Media file 5: Asymmetric (not distributed evenly) psoriatic arthritis.

Media type: Photo

Media file 6: Psoriatic arthritis involving the fingers.

Media type: Photo

Media file 7: X-ray of hand with psoriatic arthritis.

Media type: X-RAY

Media file 8: Comparison between psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in both hands and feet.

Media type: Illustration

Media file 9: Arthritis mutilans, a typically psoriatic pattern of arthritis.

Media type: Photo

Media file 10: Psoriatic arthritis, arthritis mutilans.

Media type: X-ray


Klippel, J.H., et al. Primer on the Rheumatic Diseases. New York: Springer, 2008.

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In 1964, the American Rheumatism Association listed psoriatic arthritis as a clinical entity.

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