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Pulled Hamstring (cont.)

Is It Possible to Prevent a Pulled Hamstring?

While all injuries cannot be prevented, pulled hamstrings are often due to tight muscles and poor flexibility. Routine stretching to promote flexibility should be a daily consideration to minimize muscle injuries. Whether it is a home fitness program, neighborhood yoga classes, or Pilates at the gym, increasing flexibility, balance, and muscle tone will help prevent not only pulled hamstrings but also many other bone, joint, and muscles injuries.

Muscles that are warm and stretched are less inclined to tear. Prior to exercise or manual labor, which can include gardening, shoveling snow, and other household chores, it is important that the leg and back muscles be stretched and flexible to prevent pulled hamstrings. Since the hamstring muscles span the hip and knee, they can be damaged if the back muscles are too tight to allow controlled proper movement.


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