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Raynaud Phenomenon (cont.)

Prognosis of Raynaud's Phenomenon

Raynaud's phenomenon may be harmless, but one needs a thorough, complete exam by the doctor to exclude any secondary causes that may be responsible for it. The symptoms of Raynaud's phenomenon usually go away when the person has moved to a warm environment or has eliminated the stressors that brought on the symptoms.

In those with persistent risk factors, like smoking and exposure to the cold, complications can develop. When the arteries remain constricted for prolonged periods of time, ulceration of the fingertips may occur. This typically complicates scleroderma, with additional thinning and tightening of the skin. To prevent complications, it is vital that patients with Raynaud's phenomenon avoid all situations that trigger the attacks. The hands and feet should always be insulated from the cold.

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Raynaud phenomenon refers to reversible ischemia of peripheral arterioles.

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