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Renal Cell Cancer (cont.)

Renal Cell Cancer Staging

Staging of renal cell cancer is based on the size of the tumor and the extent of its spread outside the kidney. Like many cancers, renal cell cancer is staged according to the tumor (T), nodes (N), and metastases (M) classification endorsed by the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC). The TNM classification system assigns a T code, an N code, and an M code to each tumor. An X is used if that feature cannot be determined. The combination of these 3 codes determines the disease stage.

  • Primary tumor (T) - 0, 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4; based on size of tumor and parts of kidney and surrounding area involved
  • Regional lymph nodes (N) - 0, 1, 2; based on number of lymph nodes involved
  • Distant metastasis (M) - 0 (no metastasis), 1 (metastasis)

AJCC stages

  • Stage I - T1N0M0; cancer is 7 cm or smaller in size and confined to the kidney
  • Stage II - T2N0M0; cancer is larger than 7 cm and confined to the kidney
  • Stage III - T1 or 2, N1M0 or T3a-c, N0-1, M0; cancer of any size that has spread to fatty tissue, blood vessels, or a lymph node near the kidney
  • Stage IV - T4; or any T, N2M0; or any T, any N, M1; cancer has spread to multiple lymph nodes; to nearby organs, such as the bowel or pancreas; or to other parts of the body, such as the lung, brain, or bone

Renal Cell Cancer Treatment

The likelihood that renal cell cancer will be cured depends on its stage when it is diagnosed and treated. Renal cell cancers found in the early stages are cured over half the time. Unfortunately, this cancer often is not found until it has reached an advanced stage. The chance of curing metastatic (stage IV) renal cell cancer is small.

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