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Ringworm on Body

Ringworm on Body Overview

Ringworm (or tinea corporis) is a common fungal infection resulting from dermatophytes, which are microscopic organisms that live on the dead outer layer of skin. There is no actual worm involved. The fungus that causes the ring-shaped rash remains outside of the body at all times.

Ringworm can affect anyone at any time. The estimated lifetime risk of developing any superficial fungal infection is significant. If one lives in a warm, humid climate, has direct contact with active fungal infections on someone else (or a pet), or has a weakened immune system (as a consequence of medical problems such as diabetes, leukemia, or other cancers, or HIV/AIDS), the risk for developing ringworm is higher.

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Topical Creams for Ringworm

Allylamines are a class of medication used in topical creams to cure ringworm. They include:

  • butenafine,
  • naftifine, and
  • terbinifine

Terbinifine may also be prescibed in pill form.

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The dermatophytes are a group of fungi (ringworm) that invade the dead keratin of skin, hair, and nails.

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