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Ringworm on Body (cont.)

Ringworm on Body Symptoms and Signs

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Ringworm is named for its characteristic symptom of a red, elevated, rapidly growing, ring-like sore on the skin. The center of the ring may be clear. The sore itself may contain scales, crust, or fluid-filled areas. Itching and pain may accompany the sore. Each lesion (medical term for an abnormality such as a sore) is less than 5 cm across (about 2 inches) and occurs alone or appears as a skin rash in groups of three or four.

  • Lesions commonly are found on the trunk, legs, arms, neck, and face (referred to as tinea faciei).
  • This type of ringworm does not involve the bearded area, scalp, groin (jock itch), hands, or feet (athlete's foot). These other types of ringworm may have slightly different symptoms:
    • Ringworm of the beard (tinea barbae): scaly, itchy, red spots on the cheeks, chin, and upper neck. There may be hair loss.
    • Ringworm of the scalp (tinea capitis): scaly, itchy, red, circular bald spot that may grow or spread into multiple spots. Hair may become dry and brittle. More common in children.
    • Ringworm of the groin (tinea cruris, "jock itch"): scaly, itchy, red spots on the inner skin of the thighs.
    • Ringworm of the feet (tinea pedis, "athlete's foot"): red, swollen, peeling, itchy skin usually between the toes but sometimes on the soles of the feet. In severe cases, there may be blisters on the skin.

Other symptoms of ringworm on the body include

  • hair loss,
  • itchy skin,
  • patches of red, scaly, cracked skin.
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