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Roseola (cont.)

How Should the Fever Be Treated?

Young children with roseola may have fever that is quite high (103 F-105 F). If the child is not uncomfortable, the fever need not be treated. It is not necessary to awaken a child to treat a fever unless advised to do so by your child's health-care provider. Acetaminophen (Tylenol and other brands) can be used to treat the fever. Aspirin should never be used for fever in children or adolescents. A rare but potential lethal disease (Reye syndrome) may develop as a complication of aspirin administration to children or teens.

A child with fever should be kept comfortable and not overdressed. Overdressing can cause the temperature to go higher. Bathing with tepid water (85 F) may help bring down a fever. Never sponge a child (or an adult) with alcohol; the alcohol fumes may be inhaled, causing many problems. If a child develops shivering during the bath, the temperature of the bath water should be raised.

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