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Running (cont.)

Will Running Get Rid of Cellulite?

It might, and it might not, and you won't know until you try. That's because cellulite is due to a genetic difference in the way fat and connective tissue form and is not directly a function of excess weight, which means you may not have control over it. In fact, cellulite affects people whether they are overweight or not, and so the most seasoned runners can have cellulite. (Skin creams that claim to reduce cellulite make the skin swell so that the appearance of the cellulite changes, but the effects don't work for everyone and are only temporary when they do.)

Go ahead and run and see if your cellulite decreases (most of the time running has some effect), but be patient and try not to be too hard on yourself if you don't get the result you desire). Remember that it's genetic and you may not have control over it. Plus running offers so many other benefits that it would be a shame to let cellulite distract you from experiencing them.

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