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Running (cont.)

Proper Running Form

We all have our own style of running (not even the best runners in the world have "perfect" form), and so I generally suggest just getting out there and run in whatever way feels natural, and if any of the suggestions below for proper running form help you run smoother, then that's a bonus. Here are some suggestions for proper form:

  • Relax your upper body and allow your arms to swing naturally.
  • Keep your torso and shoulders relaxed.
  • Keep you torso upright and hips slightly forward.
  • Keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees.
  • Keep your hands relaxed; they should almost flop at the wrist. The tension in your hands should be light, like you are holding a small bird.
  • Keep your jaw and face relaxed.
  • Breathe naturally in and out through your nose and mouth (ignore advice that says to breathe only though your nose). If you are a shallow breather (you take rapid, short breaths) and find you get out of breath quickly no matter what your speed, try exhaling fully; that will cause you to slow down your breathing and inhale more deeply.

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