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Ruptured Tendon (cont.)

Ruptured Tendon Symptoms and Signs

  • An injury that is associated with the following signs or symptoms may be a tendon rupture.
    • A snap or pop that you hear or feel
    • Severe pain
    • Rapid or immediate bruising
    • Marked weakness
    • Inability to use the affected arm or leg
    • Inability to move the area involved
    • Inability to bear weight
    • Deformity of the area
  • Symptoms associated with specific injuries
    • Quadriceps rupture: You will be unable to extend the knee completely
    • Achilles tendon rupture: You will be unable to support yourself on your tiptoes on the affected leg (you may be able to flex your toes downward because supporting muscles are intact).
    • Rotator cuff rupture: You will be unable to bring your arm out to the side.
    • Biceps tendon rupture: You will have decreased strength of elbow flexion and decreased ability to raise the arm out to the side when the hand is turned palm up.
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