Slideshow: Pet Health - Risky Mistakes Pet Owners Make

Reviewed by Katherine Snyder, DVM, DACVIM on Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dog on a leash.

Tick in tweezers.

Cat with ringworm.

Roundworm lifecycle.

Flea close-up.

Abandoned dog.

Overweight cat.

Cat on a table.

Bulldog with remote control.

An alert dog.

A puppy chewing a shoe.

Kittens using litter box.

A puppy laying on a woman.

A dog digging in the yard.

A cat on the couch.

Training a dog to obey.

A small boy with a big dog.

A cat drinking out of a glass.

A dog eating trash.

A dog eating a bone.

A dog being fed under the table.

A cat eating food.

A pregnant woman with her cat.

Dogs on a roof.

A dog in the pound.

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