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Groin Problems and Injuries (cont.)


The following tips may help you prevent a groin injury or other problems in the groin area.

Prevent groin injury and strain

Steps to prevent a groin injury or strain may include the following:

  • Warm up by stretching the groin muscles before exercising. Stretching can increase your range of motion and reduce stiffness and pain. Stretching is also important during the cool-down phase of exercise when your muscles are warm.
  • Increase the intensity and length of exercise gradually. As your fitness level improves, you will be able to do more intense exercise without injury.
  • Try to exercise regularly. Don't just go all out on weekends.
  • Use proper sports techniques and equipment. For example:
    • Wear supportive, well-cushioned shoes for running, aerobics, and walking.
    • Properly adjust your bicycle seat and handlebars for your height.
  • Drink extra water before and during exercise, especially in hot or humid weather. This can help prevent muscle cramps and stiffness.
  • Make sure you can always see where you are walking. To avoid falls:
    • Use a step stool when reaching for high objects. Do not stand on chairs or other objects.
    • Don't climb stairs with both hands full.
  • Get help carrying heavy or awkward objects. Do not strain to lift or carry objects.

Prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

You can take measures to reduce your risk of becoming infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI). You can also reduce the risk of transmitting an STI to your sex partner. Know high-risk behaviors and the symptoms of STIs, and do not have sex with anyone who has these symptoms.

Condom use may reduce the risk of becoming infected with an STI. Condoms must be put on before beginning any sexual contact. Use condoms with a new partner.

Prevent jock itch or yeast infection

Try the following things to prevent jock itch (fungal infection of the skin in the groin) or yeast infection (cutaneous candidiasis):

  • Dry yourself well after bathing. Use a hair dryer to dry your groin area.
  • Wear cotton underwear and loose-fitting clothes. Avoid tight pants.
  • Use a powder to absorb moisture.
  • If you have athlete's foot, put on your socks before your underwear. This can prevent fungi from spreading from your feet to your groin when you put on your underwear.
  • Change out of a wet bathing suit soon after swimming so that your skin can dry out.

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