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Seizures Emergencies (cont.)

Seizures Emergencies Prognosis

The outlook for someone with seizures usually depends on the cause of the seizure. Investigation by a doctor is usually needed to discover the cause or at least exclude some causes.

  • Most seizures related to medications, drugs, or minor head injury, for example, resolve without specific treatments and do not indicate an ongoing seizure disorder or epilepsy.
  • Most other seizure disorders can be effectively managed with proper medications given under the guidance of your doctor or a specialist known as a neurologist.
  • Some seizure disorders are difficult to control despite medications and other therapies. This situation is rare.
  • A subclass of seizures is known as nonepileptic seizures or pseudoseizures. These are not truly epileptic seizures at all, but rather represent a condition in which someone has realistic-appearing seizures because of an underlying stress or psychological disorder. Prognosis for these is very good and is related entirely to resolving the person's underlying disorder with counseling, not antiseizure medications. This possibility should be considered in these cases:
    • When no cause of seizures can be found
    • If the seizures cannot be verified despite appropriate evaluation
    • If the seizures are resistant to appropriate medical therapies
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