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Short Stature in Children (cont.)

Medical Treatment

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Medical Treatment

Medical treatment depends on the cause of short stature. For children with normal variant short stature, generally no treatment is necessary. It is essential for parents to understand that growth hormone is not effective at increasing final adult height in children with short stature who are normal (that is, they lack disease).


Treatment with medication depends on the cause of short stature. Thyroid hormone replacement therapy is simple and effective for children with hypothyroidism. Recombinant human growth hormone therapy (somatotropin of rDNA origin) is highly effective and safe for growth failure due to growth hormone deficiency and FDA-approved for several other conditions associated with short stature. However, growth hormone is not effective for normal children with short stature (that is, familial short stature). Growth hormone should be administered under the care of a pediatric endocrinologist.


Surgical treatment depends on the underlying cause of short stature. Surgery may be necessary if a brain tumor causing growth hormone deficiency is detected.


The doctor or health-care practitioner will monitor the child's growth pattern.

  • For children younger than 3 years, checkups may be scheduled for every three months to measure height and weight.
  • For older children, height and weight measurements should be obtained every six months.
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