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Shoulder Separation (cont.)

Shoulder Separation Symptoms and Signs

The following signs and symptoms are associated with a shoulder separation.

  • Pain to the top of the shoulder: Often, it is most comfortable to support the affected arm with the opposite hand.
  • Swelling, cuts, or bruises may be present on the top of the shoulder.
  • An obvious upward pointing lump on the top of the shoulder is seen in more serious separations. This is the end of the displaced collarbone (the clavicle bone), and it moves up if the affected arm is pulled toward the ground.
  • Tenderness or soreness is felt at the junction, or joint, between the collarbone and shoulder. This is the site of the AC (acromioclavicular) joint.
  • If nerve damage occurs, numbness or muscle weakness may be present in the shoulder or affected arm. If this symptom, seek immediate medical attention.
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The acromioclavicular (AC) joint is a diarthrodial articulation with an interposed fibrocartilaginous meniscal disk that links the hyaline cartilage articular surfaces of the acromial process and the clavicle.

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