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Shoulder Separation (cont.)

Treatment for a Shoulder Separation

  • Ice is an important treatment of most acute soft-tissue injuries.
  • Frequently, a sling is needed and helpful for the first few days after an injury. This helps to support the weight of the arm and to restrict motion. A doctor may advise some motion exercises such as stretching and light weight-bearing within a few days once the immediate pain has stopped.
  • Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications may be advised, either over the counter or by prescription.
  • Physical therapy may be required, particularly once the immediate pain has stopped within a few days. The decision to prescribe rehabilitation therapy often is made during a follow-up visit.
  • Complete ligament rupture at the AC joint may require surgical repair by an orthopedic surgeon (a specialist in muscles and bones). The surgery can be done with an open incision or arthroscopically (with a small camera and small incisions).
    • The Weaver Dunn procedure is a surgical intervention used to repair a severely damaged AC joint separation.
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The acromioclavicular (AC) joint is a diarthrodial articulation with an interposed fibrocartilaginous meniscal disk that links the hyaline cartilage articular surfaces of the acromial process and the clavicle.

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