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Sleeplessness and Circadian Rhythm Disorder (cont.)

What is the follow-up for circadian rhythm disorder?

Persons with DSPS who respond initially to chronotherapy may gradually shift back to their old sleep pattern. Often, chronotherapy must be repeated every few months to maintain long-lasting results.

How are circadian rhythm disorders prevented?

Control of the sleep environment with regulation of light-dark exposure has been helpful to shift workers in maintaining sleep.

For shift workers, shifting the schedule in a clockwise direction is better tolerated.

For persons who are traveling across multiple time zones, adjusting to the time zone of the new location prior to departure can modify the effects of jet lag.

Maintaining good sleep hygiene can prevent sleep disorders.

What is the outlook for circadian rhythm disorders?

The following provide an outlook into some sleep disorders:

  • Jet lag: This is a transient condition that has a good prognosis.
  • Shift work: Abrupt changes in schedule and counterclockwise shifts are associated with daytime sleepiness and impaired performance. Older persons may not adjust well to shift changes.
  • DSPS: This is typically seen in adolescents and young adults. This sleep pattern often resolves in adulthood.
  • ASPS: This is prominent in the elderly and often responds well to a combination of behavioral and pharmacologic intervention.

Medically reviewed by Peter O’Connor, MD; American Board of Otolaryngology with subspecialty in Sleep Medicine


"Classification of sleep disorders"

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