Slideshow: Alzheimer's Disease - A Caregiver's Guide

Reviewed by Charles Patrick Davis, MD, PhD on Friday, December 20, 2013

A finger with a reminder string tied around it.

A woman with eyes closed trying to remember something.

An elderly woman that seems lost in the street.

A doctor meeting with an Alzheimer's patient and his wife.

A man with Alzheimer's disease getting an MRI.

A scan showing a normal brain vs. a brain with Alzheimer's.

A senior couple holding hands.

A past due bill notice.

An elderly person’s hands on the steering wheel.

A woman guides a senior man into the ocean.

Photo of the Alzheimer's medication Cervoxan.

Light switch with a reminder note to turn off lights.

Senior couple holding hands.

A sunset shines through a window.

Looking through a photo album.

A tired woman holding her head.

A woman relaxing and drinking coffee in her bed.

Health care forms.

A senior man and his nurse.

Seniors playing dominos.

A nurse holding an Alzheimer patient’s hand.

A grandfather talks to his granddaughter.

Tuna salad.

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