How to Get Slim and Shapely Glutes

Photo of a woman's thighs and butt.
Illustration of the hip muscles.
Squat toning exercise.
Ball squat exercise.
Forward lunge exercise.
Backward lunge exercise.
Side lung exercise.
Leg lift on exercise ball.
Hip lift on exercise ball.
Bridge exercise on the floor.
Side leg raise exercise.
Side kick exercise.
Running plank exercise.
Woman walking uphill.
Woman in gym working out.
Women working out.
Woman eating a salad.
Woman on an exercise bike.
Rear view of women in jeans.
A padded girdle.
A woman laying on the couch in jeans.
A rear view of a woman in jeans.

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Slideshow: Butt Exercises - How to Get Slim and Shapely Glutes

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