A Picture Guide to Hepatitis

Illustration of liver and hepatitis virus.
Photo of person with jaundice.
Photo of soap bar by the sink.
Photo of cook adding garnish to a food dish.
Photo of passengers on airplane stowing their luggage.
Photo of woman with fever taking her temperature.
Photo of couple on beach by a fire.
Photo of search icon on a computer.
Image of the hepatitis C virus.
Close-up photo of person getting a tattoo.
Photo of a crowd of people.
Photo of a doctor performing blood analysis.
Photo of mom feeding a bottle to her baby.
Photo of toothbrushes, a razor, and toothpaste by a sink in the bathroom.
A man holding a glass of orange juice.
A man with pills in his hand.
Photo of a self-administered injection.
Photo of patient getting a liver scan.
Photo shows healthy, fatty, and cirrhosis livers.
CT scan of a cancerous liver.
Photo of liver transplant surgery.
Photo of a person receiving a vaccination.
Photo of friends toasting.

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Reviewed by Jay W. Marks, MD on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Slideshow Pictures: A Visual Guide to Hepatitis

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