Pictures Slideshow: Lowering Cholesterol - 15 Tips for Avoiding Heart Disease

Reviewed by Andrew Seibert, MD on Friday, September 23, 2011

Are you worried about your cholesterol levels?

Understanding cholesterol: LDL vs. HDL

Downsize: Portion control helps you lose weight and lower cholesterol levels.

Eat more plants: Fruits and veggies are nature's low-cholesterol diet.

Fight cardiovascular disease by eating fish.

How to lower cholesterol? Make time for breakfast.

Snack smart: Grab a handful of almonds, walnuts, or pistachios.

Aim for low cholesterol: Swap butter for healthy oils.

Choose carbs wisely: Those high in fiber can reduce risk of atherosclerosis.

Be active: exercise boosts good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol.

Fight high cholesterol with the easiest exercise in the world.

For cardiovascular health, activity counts if it increases your heart rate.

Want to lower cholesterol? Make some simple changes in your life.

Watch what you order: Restaurant food can be bad for cholesterol levels.

Shop smart: Read the nutrition label with a heart-healthy diet in mind.

Relax – Lowering stress is good for heart health.

Lose weight to feel great: Drop pounds and lower cholesterol.

Watch your numbers: Pay attention to weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

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